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Business Partners

Join our Partners in Education program to let us help you build your talent pipeline.

Our Diploma Plus program aims to connect students with work, career and industry experience before they graduate. Your business or community organization understands intrinsically what is needed to prepare our region, students and employers for the future.

Fill out a form on our LSR7 business partner platform today.

We are actively seeking business participation at all levels:

✓ Industry Advisory Committees 
✓ Participation in Career Fair
✓ Provide Internship Opportunities
✓ Have an Apprenticeship Program
✓ Provide Client-based Projects
✓ Host a Teacher for Externship

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Visit our About page to learn about all the ways we are providing our students with immersive experiences across a multitude of interests, industries and employers.

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Our Diploma Plus experiences allow students to earn "Market Value Assets." Learn about the skill sets we hope to equip all of our high school graduates with at our Market Value Assets webpage.

More about Business Partnerships