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Becoming a LSR7 Business Partner


There is a figurative wall that separates the community from schools. In some ways the wall is good. It creates an environment where students feel safe to explore new concepts and philosophies. It allows students to make mistakes where the consequences do not hold the same levity as what they might beyond the wall. It creates a micro community in which students can ascend to levels of society that builds confidence for later in life. On the other hand, this imaginary wall is so good at its job that it restricts some necessary ideas from being explored. Ideas that are going to prepare students for the ever changing landscape of work and career after graduation. 

To best expose our students to these ideas we must utilize the knowledge and wisdom of our community. The community can help introduce ideas like communication, time management, teamwork, problem solving, and accountability. To facilitate these ideas the community can share their insight of the “real world”, be guest speakers, mentor internships, collaborate with students on a “real world” project, host site visits, and introduce our students to different paths after high school to reach their potential and goals.

At LSR7 we are trying to not only allow the introduction of these ideas but the development of them. That is why the Career Education Department’s (CED) Diploma Plus program is looking for business partners. Business partners who care about the students, their community, and the future workforce of Lee’s Summit. If you feel you could in some way contribute please visit: