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Credentials Matter

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Industry Recognized Credentials in LSR7

Let’s face it, credentials matter. Maybe you hold a college degree. Perhaps you have a license to practice. Or possibly some type of certificate. These education and work-related credentials are important milestones for many career pathways.

Lee’s Summit R-7 is committed to our mission of preparing each student for success. One of the exciting ways we continue to do that is through offering another type of credential called the IRC or industry-recognized credential. IRCs are developed by an industry to certify that the person holding the credential or certification has demonstrated mastery of skills critical to that industry to a specific job. These credentials provide evidence of the marketable skills our students bring to an employer. 

Through career education programs, LSR7 offers a variety of IRC opportunities to our high school students as they complete related coursework. In the 2021-2022 school year, students earned an outstanding 718 industry recognized credentials as listed below:

List of all IRC's offered in LSR7

Employers are seeking to hire a skilled workforce and having the right certificate or credential can lead to a great career. Some credentials are prestigious enough to allow a student entry in a career path. And even with a degree, an added credential can give a student an edge. For young people just graduating from high school, the right credential could be the fastest way to a great job.