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Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Management at Paradise Park

Picture of the Paradise Park property


Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation Management is a field that has boomed since the Pandemic. Attractions, tourism, event planning, resorts, conventions, corporations and even airports are looking for people interested in creating memorable experiences for others. Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation Management can provide the training needed to excel in these areas.

With the acquisition of Paradise Park, LSR7 has the opportunity to provide students interested in Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation Management with Real World Learning. Students spend time in the classroom gaining the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in internships in specific areas of interest. Internships provide students with Real World Learning experience, as well as a Market Value Asset towards graduation.

Batting Cages, go-karts, and mini-golf will open to the public on a limited basis in the beginning, providing students with an opportunity to work and intern at Paradise Park to begin to understand the attraction area of Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation and the importance of Guest Services and Customer Relations.

Students can earn two Industry Related Credentials at the completion of the course and internship. The Certified Guest Service Gold Professional and the Certified Hospitality Tourism Professional allow students to enter the workforce with an Industry Recognized Credential putting them on a management path in the industry.  

Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation Management is an exciting career for those that enjoy serving people and want to provide experiences for those they come into contact with. This class provides students an opportunity to realize all the areas involved in the Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation industry and to help students experience a career path that fits their natural talents and interests.