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Introducing YouScience to LSR7

You Science Logo

Great News! This year LSR7 has access to YouScience - a tool that will help students discover where their natural talents and passions meet. This program is meant to expose students to a range of career opportunities that fit their skills and to get students thinking about their future. Students in 7th grade and 9th grade will be engaging in a series of brain games that measure their aptitudes. An aptitude is a natural ability to do something. Think of it as hard-wired potential. Some people call these "strengths" or "talents". It is important to understand that these abilities are different than interest, personality, and skills - all of which can change over time. Because aptitudes are stable, they can serve as a reliable navigational tool throughout a lifetime of decisions. Interests are also very important . YouScience also includes an interest portion and will match those talents, combined with interests, to high-demand career fields. 

After taking YouScience, every student receives:

  • Detailed insights about their natural talents. 
  • Personalized career field matching with in-depth information about careers within the field (including salary, projected openings, education requirements, a day in the life, and much more). 
  • Actionable guidance to help plan for high school curriculum and beyond.

The goal of YouScience is to help students uncover and understand their natural abilities (aka what makes them awesome!) and find the career paths that will best use those talents. Your student can continue to use their YouScience profile to help plan their high school curriculum. 

 - Shannan Booth, Director of Career Education