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Power and Energy at Summit Ridge Academy

Outside of Summit Ridge Academy

Last spring at Summit Ridge Academy students were offered a new elective, Power and Energy.  Students examined the learning spaces at SRA and brainstormed ideas to improve the spaces.  One idea was to remove the lockers.  They line the hallways of the school, but students realized that they are no longer used. Through interviews with staff and other students, the students in Power and Energy found that when the school was first built, students were not allowed to carry backpacks and had a textbook for each class.  Students can now carry bags and have much of the information they need on their Chromebooks.

Power and Energy took a tour of Summit Technology Academy and examined the many different design elements.  Students looked at the different learning spaces and discussed what features of each space would work best for Summit Ridge.  They ended the day with redesigning the seating in a classroom.

The class then planned their “perfect” learning environment in groups applying design thinking.  They first created a digital version and then a 3D model.  Throughout the entire process, students worked in groups.  Teachers in other classes started to notice that the students who were enrolled in Power and Energy were contributing more in their classes.  Power and Energy ended the year with locker removal and creating some wood art for display.