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The LSR7 Diploma Plus program aims to graduate high school students who are ready for learning, work and life.

The Diploma Plus initiative represents LSR7's commitment to embed career exploration throughout the K-12 experience. All of LSR7's comprehensive and multi-level efforts to connect the classroom to business and industry support our goal of graduating students who have acquired the confidence and skills to succeed through internships, client-connected projects, extensive college credit, industry certification and/or entrepreneurial opportunities experienced in high school.

Explore: At the elementary level, we promote self-discovery through RIASEC personality themes.

Ignite: At the middle school, we ignite students' passions and interests through explore to career paths, design thinking and academic planning.

Experience: We provide students with direct avenues to graduate with market value assets that will help them be successful in life.

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Director of Career Education

Shannan Booth

Jessica Morris
Administrative Assistant

Phone: 816.986.1112
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We believe that helping students understand who they are is a key component to supporting their successful futures.

At the elementary level, lessons emphasizing self-awareness and career exploration are built into classroom learning. One of the ways we promote self-discovery is through RIASEC personality themes.

These themes are used to help students develop a strong sense of self and recognize and celebrate all personality types.

Visit our Elementary page to learn about RIASEC.

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At the middle school level, we ignite student passions and interests by exploring career paths, design thinking and academic planning.

We're implementing design-thinking course offering and learning units to help students discover their unique pathway.  Design thinking, which is a dynamic, creative and collaborative approach to problem solving, also provides educators opportunities to engage students directly in the work. 

Visit our Middle School page to learn about career curriculum.

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Students are connected with opportunities to participate in authentic Real World Learning experiences that support specific industry sectors and career readiness in high school. These connections to work experiences allow them to not only graduate with their diploma but to also leave high school with employer-recognized skill sets.

Visit our High School page to learn about market-value assets.

Diploma Plus is a Real World Learning partner of The Kauffman Foundation.

LSR7's Diploma Plus program has received grant funding as part of The Kauffman Foundation's first Real World Learning cohort. In a Real World Learning (RWL) community, students prepare for work, school, and life after high school graduation. They develop skills to navigate their future through real-world projects and internships across a range of interests, industries, and employers. Visit The Kauffman Foundation's Real World Learning website.