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Many times in school our students question the “why” behind learning. This is a good thing as it keeps educators accountable for explaining the why.

As a student you will get to be involved in so many projects and experiences that will help explain the why behind what teachers are teaching you. The why may lead you to answer the question on your own.

For example, "Why do I need to know math equations?"

  • Because I plan to be an engineer and I need to be accurate in my calculations on this structure I’m building.
  • Because I plan to be a health care worker, and I need to be accurate in calculating dosage or strength of medicines.

What better way to understand the why than by exploring career paths in elementary school, igniting a passion for your natural skills and abilities in middle school, or by experiencing real world learning in high school? Doing so, will let you graduate with the Diploma Plus. What is the “plus” you ask? It is the diploma plus a marketable asset, such as work experience, extensive college credit, industry certification, or entrepreneurial experience.