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This graphic says "Explore"

Elementary schools will support RWL through self-awareness, career exploration, and curricular connections. In order to prepare each student for success in life, students must have a clear sense of who they are and what success will mean for their future. RIASEC personality themes are a powerful tool to help students explore their own strengths and interests. As part of the Explore phase of LSR7’s DiplomaPlus initiative, belonging, exploration, and self-discovery are being taught through RIASEC themes. In elementary school, RIASEC will be used as a tool to facilitate students in developing and enriching a strong sense of self, as well as teaching students to recognize and celebrate all personality types. 


Realistic - You like to work with things you can touch and see
You like to work with ideas, study and solve math or science problems
You like creative activities like art, drama, crafts, dance music or creative writing
You like to work with people such as teaching, caring for others and providing information
You like to work through tasks as well as lead and persuade people
You like to organize things and work with numbers, records or machines in a set orderly way