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Elementary School

In order to prepare each student for success in life, students must have a clear sense of who they are and what success will mean for their future.
Lessons at the elementary level promote self-awareness, career exploration, and curricular connections.

As part of the Explore phase of LSR7’s Diploma Plus initiative, belonging, exploration, and self-discovery are being taught through RIASEC themes. RIASEC personality themes help students explore their own strengths and interests. Our goal is to empower students to develop a strong sense of self, and students to recognize and celebrate all personality types. 

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What are these letters I keep hearing about?

"If you have an elementary-aged child in LSR7, you may have seen a RIASEC poster in your child’s classroom or heard your child mention participating in a RIASEC activity. This school year the career education team is supporting your child’s teacher as they incorporate the RIASEC themes into instruction..."

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