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Middle School

Starting in middle school, students begin to experience course offerings and learning units created to support student discovery of career pathways.

In addition to lessons that encourage a dynamic, creative and collaborative approach to problem-solving, students being to develop plans and utilize tools to help them be successful in high school.

Opportunities students begin experiencing in middle school include:

YouScience: These assessments help students create hyper-personalized pathways for students based on their interests, passions and skills.

Career exposure tools: various platforms are used to support career development and exposure for students.

Elective wheels: Starting in sixth grade, students can take a sixth grade elective wheel to gain exposure to multiple fields of study.

Portfolios: Starting in sixth grade, students begin setting up online portfolios to showcase work and projects throughout their secondary career.

Advisory lessons: all students have the opportunity to practice developing resumes, learn job-seeking skills and conduct career possibility research.

These resources, tools and focus areas help students prepare for high school, including the plethora of specialized programming they can choose to benefit from. Whether it's a half-day program at Summit Technology class, the Early College Program at MCC-Longview or new programming, such as AMPED on Algebra, a hands-on way to learn business and math at the same time, students in LSR7 can take advantage of a multitude of options to pursue their passions and interests.

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