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Real World Learning sets the stage for the “why” behind real world learning. How many times have students asked teachers or parents the question: “Why do I need to know this _____ concept?” You fill in the blank with any subject offered in our schools. Many students are compelled to know the why before they commit to memorizing the content or applying the concepts. The why becomes the application of core skills or career skills to what’s happening in the business and industry.

Teachers can help students answer the why by making connections between business/industry to the core principles and skills being taught in our classroom.

The Kauffman Foundation refers to these connections and opportunities as market value assets. In LSR7, our belief is that 100 percent of our students in high school can graduate with a market value asset; therefore, our district has chosen to outline the Portrait of a Graduate as any student who earns the Diploma Plus as part of the high school transcript.

Students will have multiple opportunities to engage with business/industry professionals in our community throughout their pre-K through 12th grade educational journey.

Introduction to Real World Learning