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We empower educators to make connections between the core skills taught in the classroom and business & industry in our community.

A hands-on elementary career day. A middle school math lesson taught in partnership with a local business. Opportunities for teachers looking to provide students a real-world way to apply skills learned in class.

Through the DiplomaPlus initiative, LSR7 has established resources, supports and staff to help teachers infuse career exploration and community connection into the pre-K-12 experience.

Are you an LSR7 teacher who is eager to get started? The district's six "career navigators" are ready to support you, whether it's finding a real-world application for a lesson in your classroom or connecting you with business partners who can support student learning.

Connect with a Career Navigator

From the Classroom

Students in an elementary classroom watch a live stream with a guest speaker

Elementary School
The Lee's Summit Elementary art program brought in a children's book illustrator as a virtual guest speaker for students.

Brocolli, carrots and toast on a green cutting board next to a crime scene number on a counter

Middle School
"Crime Scene Kitchen" is a career curriculum lesson utilized at the middle school level. Students utilized skills learned in Family & Consumer Sciences to identify health and safety violations in a kitchen.

High school student in tie holds 3-D design board as he presents

High School
With the help of LSHS career navigator Sally Sabata, LSHS civil engineering and architecture students pitched trailhead designs to Land 3 Studios, the architectural firm responsible for the Paragon Star development in Lee's Summit last year.